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A note from Bob

It is a blessing that I am able to share the gifts I have received in helping men come together in their search for God. I strongly believe in the profound impact authentic men of faith can have on one another, their families, workplaces and communities. As men mature in their spiritual journey and form friendships grounded in faith, they awaken to a personal experience of “God with Us”.  It’s all about Relationship!


Please reach out to me regarding any material on this web site, establishing a men’s ministry or about your personal faith journey. I am here to address questions and help you in the process. I’d love to hear from you.


Every Blessing 



A note from Ed

I awakened to sharing my passion for the vocation for fathering at middle age.   I was fortunate to be given a great gift of wisdom, mentoring, and faith that changed my life for the best.   Grateful to know I have received a great gift from God, I am eager to pay it forward to others whenever I can.   My study and experience has lead me to conclude that the health of civilization is only as strong as the health of its families; and families health dependent upon the health of a faith-filled strategic father in the home.


Let me know how I might be of assistance to you regarding developing fathering programs, guest lectures, or to answer any questions you might have.


God bless



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